Layang Layang Resort
Layang Layang Resort
School of scalloped hammerhead sharks Giant Manta Ray

Scuba Diving at layang Layang

The most famous inhabitants of the atoll waters are the schools of hammerhead sharks. Seeing these rare sharks gliding past is a once in a lifetime experience.

The 2000 meters deep waters attracts numerous pelagics such as Mantas rays also show up.

In addition, the coral reef is pristine and extraordinary.

Dive Sites

  • Crack Reef
  • Navigator's Lane
  • Gorgonian Forest
  • Dogtooth Lair
  • Wreck Point
  • The Tunnel
  • The Runaway
  • Snapper Ledge
  • D'Wall
  • Shark's Cave
  • The Valley
  • Wrasse Strip
  • Pier Diving

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is very popular with a regular competition shootout taking place.

Diving Equipment

Layang Layang Resort Dive Centre has diving equipment for rent.

The Dive Centre uses 10 custom built catamarans able to carry 12 divers each and able to get to any of the atoll's dive sites within 5 to 25 minutes.